Most of my photo processing is done in Lightroom but there are times when I need to do things that are beyond it’s capabilities like better selection tools, text, layers, panoramas and HDR. That’s when I turn to Photoshop. I currently have the CS4 version.

I still need to develop a good workflow for moving pictures back and forth (ie. both ways) between Lightroom and Photoshop. If anyone has something they’d like to share, please email me with a link or a description. Thanks.

My prayers have been answered. Here’s a video from Julianne Kost that shows how to move a photo from Lightroom 3 to Photoshop CS5 and back again almost seamlessly. Thank you AdobeTV.

Here is a video that shows an example of developing a photo in Lightroom 2, moving it as a smart object over to Photoshop (version unknown, probably CS4) for more processing then returning it to Lightroom for additional developing.

And here’s a third video, longer than the others, that shows how to set up preferences then demonstrates several different scenarios moving a picture back and forth between Lightroom 3 And Photoshop CS5.

Here’s a good article titled Lightroom’s Ultimate Plug-in – Photoshop
that covers the LR-PS workflow quite thoroughly. However it is weak on examples so it might be best to watch the videos first.

Here’s another from AdobeTV demonstrating some of the new features in Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5.

So, here are some Photoshop links I’ve found useful.

NAPP has a set of quick video tutorials on using some key Photoshop tools.

Sean Locke gave me an interesting way to use the Google search feature. For example this search finds different tutorials for isolating objects.

Scott Kelby has a video on a process he developed and called Extended Definition Processing, a technique similar to HDR that is useful when you have only a single file, not multiple bracketed exposures.

Do you want to make large panorama? Outdoor Photographer has this article showing how one photographer stitches many photos together to create a very big one.


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