Photography Tips

Sekonic, the light meter manufacturer, has a couple of videos about mastering light metering.

Here’s a great article from Outdoor Photographer about boosting your autofocus performance when shooting wildlife and other fast-moving subjects.

Laura Shoe demonstrates how to expose to the right. She also includes links to some of her earlier articles that show why you should do that.

I like to photograph star trails. Here’s a video tutorial that demonstrates the basics of how to do it. The author makes a very good point about choosing your foreground elements carefully. Pay attention to the wind because it could affect the focus. He also doesn’t mention that focal length, aperture and camera to foreground subject distance affect your ability to keep everything in focus. I’m a bit skeptical about the ‘ISO 1600 trick’ he shows. I’ve never used it but my instinct is that it should be ISO 6400 because a one minute exposure at ISO 6400 is equivalent to a 64 minute exposure at ISO 100 at the same f/stop. Before you try this technique outdoors at night, I recommend you try setting it up and trying it in the daylight when you can easily see everything. You might also take along a small LED light to illuminate your camera controls and some good music to listen to while you wait for your one hour exposure to complete.


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