[Author’s note: This page started out in life as a place to collect links to interesting stuff I found in various places on the internet, usually because someone else posted a link to it. I only published it because one of my friends wanted some of those links and it was easier than trying to put them in an email. I add to the page frequently and sometimes go through and cut things out – like all the Lightroom links that got moved to another page.]

Here are some links to other interesting websites and articles I’ve come across.

Scott Kelby’s PhotoshopInsider blog is always a treat and a great place to go exploring. Sometimes he features a guest blogger and this one on designing photographer business cards is very good.

If you like landscape photography at night, you need to know a bit about the moon. Here’s a guide to understanding the phases of the moon that also includes links to some other stuff useful for planning your evening excursions.

Guy Tal has written an ebook called Creative Landscape Photography. Several articles have been excerpted from it and published on Black Star Rising, an ezine about professional photography written by various authors. Here are the links to the 4 articles:

  1. Visualization Part 1
  2. Visualization Part 2
  3. Composition Part 1
  4. Composition Part 2

Rasmus Rasmussen has some interesting blog posts about professional photography and microstock in particular. Note: The discount code for his Microstock Photographer’s Guide ebook is FLOWERBUG.

Ellen Boughn is a marketing whiz. She wrote this interesting article for pro photographers about designing portfolios.